Berk-Tek LANmark 6 Cat6 Plenum Cable Blue, 1000 FT Box

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LANmark-1000, Cat. 6, Blue, CMP, 4-Pair, 1000 ft. Box LANmark-1000 has been improved to offer best-in-class electrical performance. Berk-Tek's engineers completely redesigned LANmark-1000 so that all crosstalk parameters could be improved by four dB. As a result, the Power Sum Attenuation to Crosstalk ratio (PSACR) is nearly 3 times better (at 250 MHz) allowing for much greater signal strength and less vulnerability to noise interference. At Berk-Tek, we understand that your business runs through us. Construction 23 AWG bare copper wire insulated with FEP.  Two insulated conductors twisted together to form a pair and four such pairs laid up with crossfiller to form the basic unit, jacketed with flame-retardant PVC. Flame Rating Plenum - NFPA 262, CMP, UL Listed

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