Systimax GigaSPEED X10D 2091B Verified Category 6A Cable (Blue)

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 1000 ft (305 m) length, WE TOTE® box

The SYSTIMAX® 360 GigaSPEED® X10D 91B series U/UTP cable has been redesigned with a smaller diameter, making it the smallest Category 6A cable on the market today. Using SYSTIMAX’s innovative Optimized Material Technology (OMT) platform, not only reduces the cable’s core, but optimizes transmission performance, giving network managers increased rack space and airflow without succumbing to alien crosstalk.
The GigaSPEED X10D U/UTP 91B series cables have been optimized with the GigaSPEED X10D connectors and cords to minimize internal channel crosstalk, and also crosstalk between channels in close proximity. The 91B series cables incorporate a round smooth shape that speeds the handling and termination process. The cables have been designed to withstand an aggressive 6 around 1 channel test that CommScope Labs believes to be the most challenging test configuration. This is a PowerSUM computation of the alien crosstalk noise from 24 pairs of 6 channels surrounding a single 4-pair channel.
The 91B series cables have been specified out to 550 MHz to support high bandwidth applications operating at 10 Gb/s.
Construction Materials  
Jacket Material   PVC
Conductor Material   Bare copper
Insulation Material   FEP
Separator Material   FEP
Separator 2 Material   Polyolefin


Cable Length   305 m   |   1000 ft
Cable Weight   40.70 lb/kft
Diameter Over Jacket   7.239 mm   |   0.285 in
Jacket Thickness   1.295 mm   |   0.051 in


General Specifications  
Cable Type   U/UTP (unshielded)
Pairs, quantity   4
Cable Component Type   Horizontal
Packaging Type   WE TOTE® box
Brand   GigaSPEED X10D®   |   SYSTIMAX®
Jacket Color   Blue
Product Number   2091B
Conductor Gauge, singles   23 AWG
Conductor Type, singles   Solid
Conductors, quantity   8
Separator Type   Isolator
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