Aleen VME 4000 Business Voicemail System

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The VME-4000 Multilingual Voice Mail/Auto Attendant System is a cost effective and feature-rich solution for small and medium businesses. The system is truly plug-and-play, with the feature set and flexibility of most PC-based systems.

The compact, solid-state VME-4000 system incorporates leading edge technology, including flash memory and digital signal processing (DSP). The system can be mounted effortlessly and unobtrusively in conjunction with the host KSU/switch.

The VME-4000 supports a full array of voice messaging and auto attendant features, multiple concurrent language capabilities, off-site notification and fax tone detection (CNG). The system is programmed via a user-friendly, Windows-based, Voice Mail Utility Program (VUP) or a touch-tone phone. With its Voice Mail, Auto Attendant and System/Administration features, the VME-4000 offers the advantages of a PC-based system, but a a lower cost.

The VME-4000 can be integrated with most types of PBXs through the analog ports, by using the In-Band DTMF protocol. An RS-232 (SMDI) serial port integration is available for specific PBXs.

  • Aleen VME 4000 Business Voicemail System
  • Designed for Medium Sized Businesses
  • Configuration:
  • 128 Mailboxes
  • 10 Hours Messaging Capacity
  • 2 Ports (Upgradeable to 4 Ports)
  • Automated Attendant:
  • Audio Text
  • Automatic Mode / System Schedules
  • Call Transfer (Supervised, Semi-Supervised and Non-Supervised)
  • Dial a String - (10) Strings
  • Dial By Name (Directory Listing
  • (1) Fax Detection and Routing
  • 2 to 4 Fixed Flexible Extension / Mailbox Assignement Size
  • Multi-Lingual Prompts ( English, French and Spanish)
  • Opening Greeting by Port
  • Opening Greeting Scheduling (Day, Night, Holiday and Break)
  • Opening Greetings Maximum Length (9 Minutes)
  • (1) Personal Operator or Backup Extension
  • (39) Script Menus, Direct Dialing to Extensions and Multi-Level Menu Trees
  • Voicemail:
  • Call Recording (PBX Support Required) - Up to 9 Minutes
  • (1) Customized Greeting and Language per Mailbox
  • Date / Time Stamp
  • Do Not Disturb Mode
  • Message Capacity per Mailbox (44) Fixed
  • Message Delivery (Work Extension, Mobile and Home)
  • (9) Minutes Maximum Programmable Message Length
  • Message Notification (Pager, Message Waiting LED and Interrupt Dial Tone)
  • Message Purge (Automatically Deleted Old Messages)
  • Message Retrieve, Forward, Save, Delete and Skip
  • Notification from Ports (Port #2)
  • System Administration:
  • Administration Setup Wizard
  • Disconnect Detection: Current Loop, Busy Tone, Dial Tone, DTMF Disconnect Code, and Silence Detection
  • In-Band DTMF Integration (20 In-Band Events)
  • Built-In Line Monitor
  • (20) Mailbox Group Handling
  • (1) Digit PBX External Access Code
  • PC Programming (VUP or VUJ) - RS-232
  • Security Passwords: System Administrator, Operator and Mailbox Owner
  • Statistic Reports: Memory Usage, Traffic and Configurations
  • System Administrator Password (4 Digits (Fixed))
  • Touch Tone Programming (DTMF)
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