Samsung OfficeServ SVMi-20E 4 Port Voicemail, Hard Drive

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The SVMi-20E is designed to meet the demands of the sophisticated voice mail user with-out sacrificing simplicity. The SVMi-20E is a self contained plug in (In-Skin) Auto Attendant and Voice Mail card. The SVMi-20E may act as an Auto Attendant system only, a Voice Mail System only, or both. The SVMi-20E is equipped with 4 Ports built onto the main PCB assembly and can handle 4 calls simultaneously.The SVMi-20E can currently (at the time of this writing) be upgraded to 8 and/or 12 Ports by adding one or two 4 Port VPMs to handle up to either 8 and/or 12 calls simultaneously. On the SVMi-20E unit, no external line or power connection is necessary as it is an In-Skin product. The power and telephone connections are accomplished directly through the phone system on the backplane edge connectors. Because the SVMi-20E does not draw from the -48DC supply it has a Zero (0) SEPU rating under all possible configurations.

Currently the Message Storage capacity, on the SVMi-20E is approximately 7 hours with the 128MB Compact Flash configuration or approximately 140 hours with the Hard Drive configuration. The modular design of the SVMi-20E allows it to be expanded to add voice ports as needed. Only one SVMi-20E card can be installed in a system and another voice mail system can NOT be used in combination with the SVMi-20E.

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Refurbished 1 Year
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