Definity 6416D+M Phone

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  • 2 line, 24 character LCD that shows called party/calling party ID, date and time
  • 16 programmable call appearance/feature buttons
  • 4 navigator keys for menu, next, previous, and exit
  • Group paging feature allows everyone hear your message at the same time
  • Fixed feature buttons for conference, transfer, hold, speaker, mute, and last number dialed
  • Built-in 2-way speakerphone, and eight personal ring options
  • Whisper paging feature, letting a second call go through while you are on a call
  • 4 soft keys for menu functions, plus 12 soft key default features, with access to 18 alternative soft key features (to a maximum of 12 per telephone set)
  • Provides integrated headset jack


  • Equip with Direct Connect Headset Jack
  • Requirements:

    Definity Family Release 6.1 or higher
    2-wire/16-port TN2181 digital circuit card or 2-wire/24-port TN2224B digital circuit card


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